Bedbugs Infest Stockton Low-Income Housing Complex, Again Residents Say

The county needs to implement a pest control plan at that property that not only involves spraying for bugs, but a K9 inspection after the treatment to measure how successful the treatment was, and re-treat as necessary. Once they get on top of the problem, they need to establish a prevantive maintenance schedule where they have a K9 team inspect a percentage of apartments each month/quarter and treat the problems that are found, and recheck and retreat as necessary.

If they are aggressive about solving this problem, if they use a K9 team to locate bugs, and if they follow a preventative maintenance program to continually check and recheck for bugs, they can get handle on this problem so the residents can enjoy their homes. If they do not do that, they will never get the problem under control, no matter how many times they simply “spray” the property.

K9 Bug Finder

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