My dogs

My Rottweiler, Dana.  I purchased her at 10 weeks old  in April 1995 from a K9 handler I worked with.  She was a very dear friend for many years.  She died in my arms in Lancaster, CA in October 2006.


Dana and Di in 2003. They became close friends, and partners in crime.

Di, my older Springer Spaniel (also pictured above with Dana) was purchased from a breeder in Norco, CA in June 2003.  She was 5 1/2 weeks old when I brought her home.  She was bred to be a field trial dog.  She became my hunting partner, and my best friend.

n669250953_1849818_536780 n669250953_1849822_738313Maggie, my younger Springer Spaniel, was purchased in Fresno, CA in June 2012.  She was bred to be a field trial dog, but instead I put her to work finding bed bugs. When we’re not at work, she enjoys acting like a goof ball.

with a stick

She loves goofing around!

Paying flyball Dec 2014

Playing flyball Dec 2014


Training with David Lattimer Oct 2014

Training with David Lattimer Oct 2014


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