Digging deep

Maggie digs deep in search of bed bugs!

In Search of bed bugs


In this photo, Maggie jumped up onto a bed frame that doubles as a storage unit under the bed to perform an inspection.  The photo looks a little blurry because she’s moving her head and her tail really fast.  I shared this photo with you so you could see how Maggie sticks her nose into, under, and between mattresses, pillows, backpacks, and other items to ensure she’s able to get to areas where the odor may be trapped.

If you’re working with a dog team and you notice the dog rarely/never sticks it’s nose into, under, or between items to get to the odor, or if the dog is constantly looking to the handler for direction, or if the dog will not work unless the handler is close to it (within arms reach), you may want to consider finding another dog team.

K9BugFinder, canine bed bug detection

Maggie and I will find those bed bugs for you
To schedule a time for me to inspect your home for bedbugs, call me at (408) 389-4225 or email me at jay@k9bugfinder.net. Maggie and I will be happy to provide you some peace of mind.




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