Why should you choose an expensive bed bug treatment?

On a pretty regular basis, I run into a customer that is completely shocked by the price of the bed bug treatment I recommend for their home or business.  There are a lot of companies out there providing bed bug treatments, and some are offering treatments very very cheap.  So with these cheap options available, why would you want to choose an expensive treatment?

Because you get what you pay for!

There is always someone willing to do it cheaper

You get what you pay for…

An effective bed bug treatment is going to be expensive.  Bed bugs as individuals are very easy to kill, but as a group, they can be very difficult to kill.  You want the best technicians using the best materials, best equipment, and best techniques in your home so that you’ll get the best results possible. 

 “What you’re paying for is time and labor; If you expect a discount on price, then you should expect a correspoding discount on time or on labor.” – Darren Van Steenwyk, Clark Pest Control

There are instances where it’s appropriate to go cheap…  When you’re buying tape, for example, or wire ties. There are other times when you don’t want to go cheap, like when buying a pair of shoes you’re going to walk/stand in for 10-14 hours every day.  Choosing a pest control professional to provide you bed bug inspections and treatments are another example of when cheaper is not better.

Choose your pest control professional based on their competency, professionalism, and customer service, not on price.  When your pest control professional recommends treatment options, choose the option that will work the best, the fastest; not the cheapest.

Jeff Lipman, a renowned attorney involved in bed bug litigation, says when a rental property owner/manager makes decisions about bed bug issues based on price, that’s where they really get themselves into trouble, because the court wants to see you are making decisions first based on what will solve the problem.  While a good bed bug treatment program may be expensive on the front end, its much cheaper in the long run than cutting corners.  Just ask West Side Partnership.

Whether you are a rental property owner/manager, or a home owner, it is in your best interest to look for the best value, not the best price.  Is the price you are being quoted for a fumigation really based on a termite treatment, which requires less material and less time than a bed bug treatment?  If quote you a price based on the time and materials used for a termite treatment to solve your bed bug problem, you’re going to be angry when the treatment is completed and your problem hasn’t been solved.

Did they quote you a price to apply chemical to one room in your home?  A pest control operator who is skilled at killing bed bugs knows you can’t treat a single room and be effective.  If that’s what they’ve told you, they either don’t know how to treat bed bugs, or they are just trying to get your money without regard for your satisfaction with the outcome.  Oh yes, they’ll come back and spray again, and again, and again, every time you call to report seeing bugs, and they’ll charge you for each treatment, until you finally get frustrated enough to go out and find a real pest control company to solve your problem.  Then, having spent thousands on an ineffective treatment, when you come back to me to solve the problem, my price wont look so unreasonable, only this time it’s money you now have to spend on top of what you’ve already spent trying to solve the problem cheaper.  In that scenerio, having chosen me to begin with would have definitely been the cheaper option.

While what I’m offering will not be cheaper up front, it will likely be cheaper in the long run, and you’ll get much better value from it.

Save yourself some money, a lot of hassle, and a huge headache.  Pay what it costs to have the job done right.


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