Tail Docking

For those who have questions about tail docking, I wanted to share an article about the importance of tail docking for certain breeds of working dogs.

Why we dock our working dog tails by Totally Gun Dogs

All my dogs are working dogs, and my Springer Spaniels all have their tails docked.  Their tails were docked by their breeders, so I have no control over it, but I wouldn’t take a Springer puppy that didn’t have a docked tail.

Maggie’s tail is docked at 3/4 of it’s natural length, and Di’s tail is docked at 1/2 of it’s natural length.  I think I prefer the 1/2 dock, Maggie’s tail is a little longer than I prefer.

The dog does need it’s tail, which is why a longer dock is better than a shorter one.  They use them as a counter balance when they are running, and as a rudder when they are swimming.

If you have any questions about my dogs, Springer Spaniels, or tail docking, please email me and let me know!!

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