Wont let you watch?

This week I encountered a K9 team that wont let their customers watch the dog work.  The handler claimed his dog could not work with someone else in the room, even if that someone is another dog handler.  Maybe that’s why they are not certified by an independent certification organization.

While I do ask my customers residents to step out or wait in the kitchen, I always invite my property manager or home owner customers to accompany me during the inspection.  From time to time Maggie does get distracted, but that’s usually when the customer is not complying with my requests.  In those cases I’ll as the customer to step out, but in most cases people follow behind us and watch while we work without any problems.  We regularly train with distractions so that when we run into distractions in the field we’re more prepared to work through them.

There are alot of minor differences between dog teams, we often have different styles, different preferences, etc…  Most of those are irrelevant to the question of effectiveness of the dog team, but how can someone expect you to allow a complete stranger in your home and tell you that you have to leave your own home while they wander around in it?

If you’re working with a dog team that will be distracted by the presence of one other person, maybe you should consider a new canine team.  In most cases, your dog team should be able to allow 1 person to follow behind the handler and watch the team work.  How else can you know what you are getting for your money?

Would you let a stranger ask you to step out of your home while they walked throughout your home?  Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below!  For more information about how to avoid poor performing dog teams please read this article.


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