Certified with NESDCA for another year

Certified by the NESDCA

Certified by the NESDCA

Maggie and I recently obtained NESDCA certification for the third time.  We work very hard and spend quite alot of money on training and certifications every year to ensure we’re providing our customers the best service possible.

Beware of working with dog teams that aren’t certified.  If the team you’re working with claims to be certified, check the website to make sure.  Some teams claim they are certified when they are not.

If you need help with a pest problem, let me know.  I’ll do everything I can to help.

K9BugFinder, canine bed bug detection

Maggie and I will find those bed bugs for you
To schedule a time for me to inspect your home for bedbugs, call me at (408) 389-4225 or email me at jay@k9bugfinder.net. Maggie and I will be happy to provide you some peace of mind.

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