The Importance of Certifications of Bed Bug Scent Detection Teams


Certifications:  What’s the big deal??

Being certified is a big deal.  While it’s not the whole story on whether a particular dog team is effective or not, it is the necessary starting point.  It’s why pilots are certified and re-certified, it’s why doctors and police officers and real estate agents all get certified.  Having a drivers license doesn’t ensure you’re a great driver, but what does it tell you when you find out the person driving your car around town does not have a drivers license?

Your dog team should be certified too.

Certified by who?

Being certified by the dogs trainer doesn’t count.  Sure, all trainers certify their dogs before telling their customer they are ready to start working in the field with their dog, but that’s information for the dog team, not for you.  What you want is to see that a third party organization, that specializes not in training dogs, but in certifying them, and has no financial ties to the dog team being certified.

There are two main certification organizations you should be looking for.  WDDO and NESDCA.  Certification through either organization is what you should be looking for when it comes to ensuring your dog team is certified.  These organizations aren’t perfect, but they are great, and getting better.  And they will get even better if consumers insist on only working with dog teams that are certified by at least one of them.

Dog teams that are certified invest hundreds to thousands of dollars obtaining that certification ever year.  When you insist on only using a team that is certified, you will force uncertified teams to become certified, and take away the financial advantage they have over teams that spend all that money on certification instead of marketing every year.  Reward certified teams for doing the right thing by insisting the team you work with is certified.


Ok, they say are certified, have you checked?

I wrote an article last year where I talked about dog teams I knew of that were claiming to be certified, but actually were not.  Whether they never were, or they were but never renewed it, there are teams out there that claim to be certified and are not.


It’s so easy to confirm whether they are certified or not.  The certification organizations list right on their websites all the teams currently certified by them.

WDDO posts their list here

NESDCA posts their list here


If there you see a benefit to using a team that isn’t certified, or if you know of a certification organization that is not listed here, but should be, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear from you!



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