Bed Bug Treatment Advice – Preparing for your Fumigation

Fumigation Bed Bug Treatment

Clark Pest Control Structural Fumigation Bed Bug Treatment

This short article should help you prepare for your four day or three day structural fumigation bed bug  treatment.  The fumigation crew will be checking for these items, and if they decide you aren’t prepared completely, they may postpone your bed bug treatment.

Immediately after you receive confirmation of the fumigation schedule, you’ll want to do two things right away:

  • Call my office at 408-292-5330 and provide payment for your treatment – If we don’t receive payment, we can’t do the treatment.
  • Call PGE at 1-800-743-5000 to schedule them to come out and turn your gas on after 5 pm on the last day of your fumigation.

Preparing the outside:

  • All trees and shrubs must be trimmed 12 inches away from your home so the tarp can come straight down and make contact with dirt or cement, without being touched by any trees or shrubs.
  • Check around the outside of your home for birds nests.  If empty, remove the nest.  If it’s not empty, please call me to let me know right away.  We may have to postpone your fumigation.

Preparing the inside:

  • Remove all the food, beverages, and medicine from your home EXCEPT anything that is factory sealed in a glass jar or can.  Everything else must go.  This includes wine bottles sealed by cork.  If there is room in your yard that will be outside the tarp, you can pack the food in rodent safe boxes/containers and put them in the back yard (try to put them in the shade) or at a friends house.
  • Bag any food that will remain in the refrigerator/freezer.  I’ll provide you a few bags to use to bag these items.  Make sure you double bag them in accordance with the instructions that came with your disclosures.
  • If you have any aquariums, terrariums, or house plants, you’ll want to relocate them to a friends house during the treatment.

Preparing to Leave:

  • If you have a vehicle you want treated, you can leave it inside your garage during the treatment – just roll down all the windows and open the trunk.  Make sure you leave the keys on the kitchen table/counter for the crew.
  • Each person in your home should have two large plastic bags for clothes.  The clothes you intend to wear as you leave for your fumigation should be run through the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes and packed in one plastic bag.  Seal this bag and keep it in the kitchen or garage until you need it.  The rest of the clothes you will wear during your treatment should be run through the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes, packed into the other plastic bag, and stored outside your home (maybe in the vehicle you’ll be driving while you’re gone).
  • Plan to be out of your home by 7 am the day of the treatment.  You should receive a phone call the day before your treatment advising you of the 2 hour arrival window of the fumigation crew, but if you plan to be out by 7 am, this call wont affect your plans.
  • Plan to take as little with you as possible.  This is critically important:  Everything you take out of your home is an opportunity for a bed bug to survive the treatment.  Take as little with you as possible, so that you decrease of carrying a bed bug out of the house before the treatment.  That being said, do plan to remove any property that has high monetary value, or high sentimental value.
  • Do not forget to put a copy of your house key in the lock box I’ve left for you.  The combination to open the keybox is in the disclosures you’ve received.  If you can’t find it, just give me a call.  Any other keys the crew needs should be left on your kitchen table or kitchen counter.

Before the crew arrives:

  • If any outdoor plants are going to end up on the inside of the tarp, make sure you water them heavily before the morning of the fumigation, before the crew arrives.  The water should stop any of the material from being taken in by the roots, and may help your plants survive the treatment.  If this isn’t done the plants will likely die as a result of the treatment.

As you leave:

  • Inside the entry way of your home, remove your clothes and put on the clothes from the plastic bag.  Take care not to set those clothes down while they are outside the plastic bag.  Leave the clothes you’ve removed inside your home to be treated.
  • Once your safe clothes are on, leave your home directly.  Do not sit down or lie down inside your home.

When you return home:

I hope this article helps you prepare for your bed bug treatment.  If you have any questions, just call or email me so I can get you the information you need.

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