Maggies first trip to Yosemite

We had a great weekend.  On Friday, I packed up all the dogs and kids and headed out of town.

Ready to roll - Anticipating a great weekend!

Ready to roll – Anticipating a great weekend!

Traffic really slowed us down, and we arrived and had to set the trailer up after dark.

Camping near Yosemite

Camping near Yosemite

My favorite of all the places we visited was a meadow where John Muir and President Roosevelt sat beside a campfire in 1903 and discussed preserving our natural resources.  It’s an important discussion that we are still having today.

Muir/Roosevelt Monument

Muir/Roosevelt Monument

The kids seemed to enjoy that meadow too.

The kids liked it too

The kids liked it too

We took a short walk through the woods just east of that meadow and I took the opportunity to introduce them to the life cycle of the forest.  I explained to them how important the leaves and branches that fall from the trees were to the whole process, explaining that they look like they are just dead waste littering the ground, but without it, we wouldn’t have any of the forest that’s here today.  I also showed them using live examples how the pine cone releases seeds, how the seeds end up under the natural forest mulch, how they eventually become a baby tree, then a juvenile tree, and later and adult tree.  They seemed to really enjoy it.  I definitely enjoyed it.

Forest Succession

Maggie seemed to enjoy herself too.  She’s not only a working dog, but also a part of our family, and when we decide to get away for the weekend, she comes with us.

Hanging out next to the Merced River on her first trip to Yosemite

Hanging out next to the Merced River on her first trip to Yosemite



I’m not a big fan of staying in campgrounds (I prefer dispersed camping), but this one was great for the kids.  It had a playground, a caboose, and a pool to keep the kids busy, and it was all within eye sight and ear shot from our camp site.

Playground Caboose

This will be great later in the season when it's hot up here

This will be great later in the season when it’s hot up here

I really enjoyed the swinging bench they had next to the pond.  I sat there with the kids in the dark late Saturday evening and we listened to the frogs singing to us.  Using a flashlight we tried spotting the hidden sources of our serenade.



The mornings were very cold, and of course when you’re camping you wake up early.

Early Wake Up on cold morning

The kids were cold and tired in the morning after such an active, fun day.

Tired and cold

We overcame that challenge by building a fire and roasting marsh mellows.


Mission Accomplished!  They were ready to head back to the play ground while we packed up camp and got ready to head home.


Sad our great weekend was over, and resolved to return home to go back to work and school, we headed home to plan our next camping trip.

Headed home on Sunday

The long drive home was a lot of fun too!

IMG_0268IMG_0270 IMG_0269IMG_0271

Thanks for reading my story of our fun weekend.  If you ever have questions about bed bugs (or other pests), or if you want to talk about camping, reach out to me.  I’d love to hear from you.  I really want to become your trusted pest expert, and I’m committed to providing you exceptional service.

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