What’s with the dog?

bed bug dog inspections in san jose, CA

Bed bug dog inspections in San Jose, CA

When I’m inspecting my clients apartment properties, their residents are often shocked to find out I’m bringing a dog into their home, especially at properties that don’t allow pets.

My dog isn’t a pet. She is a professional working dog, trained to detect the odor of bed bugs. She is an essential tool I use to find bed bugs in your home because she can smell bed bugs hiding in places where I can’t see them.

My bed bug dog Maggie is trained just like a police dog is trained to find explosives or drugs, the difference is we train for a different target odor – Bed Bugs.

My dog will search all over your home, and if she encounters the odor of bed bugs, she will display a trained behavior, alerting me to the presence of the odor.  If that happens, I’ll begin searching that area for bed bugs.  If I don’t find any bugs or evidence of bed bugs, I’ll recommend continued monitoring of your home until I eventually find bed bugs, or until my suspicions end.   If I find bed bugs, I’ll recommend treatment options for your home to resolve the problem.

If you have any questions about how the inspection works, or if you need an inspection of your home, please contact me.


K9BugFinder, canine bed bug detection

Maggie and I will find those bed bugs for you
To schedule a time for me to inspect your home for bedbugs, call me at (408) 389-4225 or email me at bugfinderj@gmail.com. Maggie and I will be happy to provide you some peace of mind.

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