San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options

My dog Maggie and I provide bed bug inspections and treatments in San Francisco, on the peninsula, and throughout the silicon valley.  I’m writing this article to inform you of the San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options available, and to answer some commonly asked questions.

Bed Bug Treatment Option 1- Structural Fumigation

Of all the San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options, this one is My first choice for bed bug treatments.  It’s the only treatment I have that is 100% reliably effective.  Benefits:  100% reliably effective – when you return home, every single bed bug (all life stages) in your home will be dead.  Consequences:  There can be a bit of preparation required before the treatment, you’ll have to be out of your home for a few days (a good excuse for a get-away weekend), and there is no residual treatment effect, so if you bring bed bugs home again after the treatment, that could create problems again.  I can’t use a fumigation in every situation, so I have two other treatment options available when I can’t fumigate.  If your home is a single family residence that is not attached or connected to any other structure or fence, I can probably fumigate it.

Bed Bug Treatment Option 2 –  Volumetric Heat Treatment

Although not always 100% reliably effective, heat treatments are also very effective.  We heat up the temperate of your home to a temp that will kill bed bugs and hold that temperature for several hours.  This option is great for apartments, condos, and town homes.  There is less preparation required for this kind of treatment, but a bit of clean up afterward will probably be needed.

Bed Bug Treatment Option 3 – Localized Treatment

We apply chemical materials to your box spring, bed frame, and areas we expect bed bugs to travel through to reach their meal.  This kind of treatment requires multiple applications of the material, and you probably wont notice any effects of the treatment for 7-10 days, and there can be a lot of preparation necessary, but in cases where a fumigation or a heat treatment isn’t possible, a localized treatment can come in handy.

If you have any questions about San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options, give me a call at 408-389-4225 and we can discus them.  I hope I get a chance to talk with you!


San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options

Structural Fumigation Targeting Bed Bugs


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