AB 551 The New California Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties

There is a new  bed bug law in rental properties just took effect in January, AB551.  This brief article explains how it will effect rental property owners/managers.

New Requirements for Property Managers – Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties

  1.  Landlords cannot retaliate against a tenant for reporting bed bugs.  – This is not new, just clarified.
  2. Landlords cannot show and rent units that they are aware have bed bugs.  This is self explanatory, but property managers do this.Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties
  3. Landlords will be required to include specific bed bug language in the lease for new tenants beginning July 2017 and for existing tenants January 2018.
  4. Landlords are required to give notice before entering a unit to inspect or treat bed bugs.  Tenants are required to cooperate.
  5. Landlords are required to notify the tenants of the result of a bed bug inspection that was conducted by a pest control company.  This has to be done within two days of the landlord receiving the report.

What this really means for property managers – Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties

  • If you typically show/rent a unit that has a current bed bug infestation, stop doing that.  A new resident can now sue you for moving them into a unit that has bed bugs.
  • If you have served the resident with proper notice, and they still aren’t cooperating, make sure you document all the events/circumstances for use in an unlawful detainer action.
  • When you receive a copy of the inspection report from your Pest Control Company (hopefully that’s me and my report lol), email it to the resident, print out that email and put it in the residents file.  If the resident doesn’t have email, serve them to them and keep the proof of service in their file.  This way you are covered in the event they sue or counter sue you.

If you have any questions about the new law, or what I can to help protect you from claims from your residents, share them in the comments below, or reach out to me directly at jay@k9bugfinder.net.  I am always happy to help.

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