Protect yourself from Bed Bug related Lawsuits

If you own or manage rental homes, apartments, or hotels, attorneys around the country are actively recruiting plaintiffs to sue you.

Protect yourself from Bed Bug related Lawsuits

It is crucial that you Protect yourself from Bed Bug related Lawsuits

It is crucial that you learn to protect yourself from bed bug related lawsuits.  You can do this in a few easy steps:

  1.  Familiarize yourself with the requirements of AB551, which became law on 1/1/17.
  2.  Follow my advice for property managers – Develop bed bug protocols to be followed in the event of a report of bed bug activity, and FOLLOW THEM.
  3. Rely on an inspection based protocol, not a complaint based protocol.  Documentation of regular canine assisted bed bug inspections can help you answer the question, “was this problem forseeable.”   “Was there anything that should have been done to prevent, or to discover the problem.”  Your attorney will probably tell you that could turn out to be a very expensive question to leave unanswered.
  4. Establish a relationship with a pest control company that is experienced in dealing with tough bed bug problems, and make sure this company is identified as “to be called” in the event a customer reports suspected bed bug activity.  It’s important you do not try to resolve bed bug complaints on your own.  Your attorney will probably advise you to keep “arms length” from the inspections/treatment of the bed bug issue in order to limit your liability.   Leave it to the pros!

If you have any questions about bed bugs, or resolving bed bug problems, call or email me any time, day or night, 7 days per week.  I’m happy to help you, and committed to providing you exceptional service!

My bed bug sniffing dog Maggie and I can’t wait to help protect you and your clients from lawsuits or other claims that can easily be prevented.

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