What does a residential pest service consist of?

Delta Pest Controls residential pest service provides our neighbors with year round pest protection, and the convenience of not having to think about, or worry about pests, or the bug guy.

The bugs are just gone…  And when you do see them, you just call me up, email me, or txt me to let me know what you’re seeing, and I come out to solve that problem, no extra charge!  That’s my pest guarantee!  If you see a covered pest, I come out and solve the problem – No hassle, no fuss, no extra fees.  If it isn’t a covered pest, I’ll still come out to trouble shoot the problem for you, and give you options for solving it.

You will receive 6 scheduled pest services throughout the year, plus my Pest Guarantee

and all you have to do is pay a small monthly fee (The cost of a few coffees every month at your favorite gourmet coffee store), and you dont even have to worry about doing that, because I’ll get you set up on auto-pay so you dont have to think about those pests, or the pest elimination process.  You just set it and forget it….

Of course, if you do want to think about the bug guy, because you have special scheduling needs, or you just want to call me up and say hi, I can accommodate that too.  I don’t normally answer to the “bug guy”, but a few of my customers kids have started referring to me as the “Spider Man”.   🙂

During each of your six scheduled services, I will conduct a complete pest inspection of the exterior of your home, looking for pest activity (both covered pests, and other pests), and the conditions that may encourage, cause, or aggravate a pest problem.  I will report to you what I’ve found, what I did to fix it, or provide you helpful information about what you can do to help reduce the changes a pest will make it into your home.  In addition to inspecting the outside of your home, I will remove spider webs when I see them, helping your home look better, and decreasing the chances spiders will return.  I will treat the outside of your home for the pest activity or conditions I find.  That most often turns ends up being spiders, outdoor cockroaches, snails/slugs, crickets, earwigs, etc.

If you need help with pests inside your home, you’ve got it!

All you have to do is reply to your service notification, email me, txt me, or call me before the date you are scheduled for service, , and let me know what pest activity you are seeing inside, and I’ll schedule some extra time to take care of that for you.  The reason I need the advance notice is to ensure I schedule enough time to take care of it, and also to make sure you have the information you’ll need to be prepared for an interior pest service.

I am committed to providing you exceptional service, while our environment, your family, and your pets.  I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to demonstrate that commitment to you.

To request a free pest assessment of your home in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area, or in the Morgan Hill and Gilroy area, please email me, or call me at 408-389-4225.

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