It’s Snake Season Again

Snake removal is now available in Santa Clara County!  In the Bay Area, we are very lucky to have a variety of interesting snakes living among us, but it gets very interesting, and not quite so lucky when they end up in our homes.

Snakes in Santa Clara County

Here is some important information for you in the event you see a snake in your home or yard…

  • Most of the snakes in Santa Clara County are harmless to humans.
  • Dangerous rattlesnakes are easy to identify
  • You can call me at 408-389-4225 to have the snake safely removed from your home.


Rattlesnakes in Santa Clara County

The really good news is there is only one kind of snake in Santa Clara County that is dangerous to humans, The Northern Pacific Rattlesnake.  Although rattlesnakes can be easily identified by the shape of their head (it’s a spade shape, or sometimes described as triangular), if you’ve been bitten by any snake you should seek the advice of a doctor right away.  If it was a rattlesnake, you need to be headed to the nearest Emergency Room.

What to do if you see a snake in your home

If you encounter a snake in your home:

  • Give it plenty of space.  Stay away at least twice as much distance as the snake is long.  Ie: If the snake is 3 feet long, stay 6 feet away.
  • Call me right away 408-389-4225 to have it safely and humanely removed from your home.

If you encounter a snake in your yard:

  • Give it plenty of space.
  • If it’s non-poisonous, just let it be – It will probably move along on it’s own.
  • If it’s a rattlesnake, or if you just can’t allow it to remain in your yard until it moves on, call me at 408-389-4225 to have it safely and humanely removed.

If you dont know if the snake you are seeing is a rattlesnake or not, give me a call so we can talk about it.  Also, if you can safely get a clear photo of the snakes head, I can often ID a snake from a photo.  I can help, and I’m committed to providing you exceptional service!

For more information about snakes in the bay area, visit or call me at 408-389-4225 so we can chat about snakes.

To learn more about our other pest control services, please visit our pest control services page, or call me at 408-389-4225 to chat about pest control.

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