Another load of Garbage

I ran into a couple of guys from CHEER yesterday in Gilroy.  It was awesome to meet them.

Coastal Habitat Education and Environmental Restoration

In case you dont already know, CHEER stands for Coastal Habitat Education and Environmental Restoration.  They are a non-profit organization that does several things:


  • They clean up our local waterways – streams, rivers, sloughs, and res 


  • They stock local waterways with native fish, and work to improve our riparian habitats
  • They have built a traveling museum out of garbage they have cleaned up from streams and rivers, that they take to schools to educate our kids about the importance of keeping our watershed clean, and to show the kids what an awful state our watershed is in currently, in an attempt to encourage future adults to care more about our environment than we and our parents/grandparents have in the past.

What a great mission!  I passionately support these people and I can’t wait until I can financially support them.  I’m committed to becoming one of their financial sponsors as soon as I can.

Actively working to protect our watershed, and encouraging others to he


lp too is very important to me.  I’m addition to planning to financially support CHEER, I’m in the process of getting Delta Pest Control registered as one of the partners at Watershed Watch, and I plan to organize/host an annual creek clean up day to encourage friends and neighbors to join my family and spend a day cleaning up our local waterways and thinking about ways we can protect them from pollution.

If you are interested in how you can help protect our watershed, reach out to CHEER or visit WaterShed Watch.

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