Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

The Best Way to Find Bed Bugs


Maggie and Jay are a K9 Team that detects the presence of bed bugs using the dogs’ natural ability to smell the odor of bed bugs. The dog searches a room for the odor while I manage her search. When she detects the odor, she “alerts” to let me know where the bugs are. Then I conduct a visual inspection to confirm the presence of bugs. Sometimes I’m unable to visually verify the alert, but that doesn’t mean she made a mistake. It can be extremely difficult to find bugs visually, which is what makes the dog such an effective and efficient tool in pest control.

I have a background in Law Enforcement and in Real Estate/Property Management. I developed my love of working dogs as a police officer, and learned about the problem of bed bugs while I was working as a Realtor/property manager. In 2012, I decided to put the two together and purchased a puppy to be trained as a Bed Bug Scent Detection K9.



Maggie, an expert at finding bed bugs

K9 Maggie

Maggie  is an AKC Registered, Field Bred English Springer Spaniel. She was born in Fresno, CA on June 17, 2012.  I provided her initial puppy training and socialization, and she received training in scent detection by Falco K9 Academy in 2013.

Maggie and I were first certified by Falco K9 Academy in Brea, CA, July 2013, and first certified by NESDCA in Ocean City, MD on October 3, 2013. We were first certified by WDDO in Hemet, CA on June 21, 2014.



Maggie and I worked hard finding bed bugs, and solving pest problems for Clark Pest Control and their customers from November 2013 to March 2018.


Delta Pest Control


In March 2018, I started Delta Pest Control so that I could provide my neighbors residential and commercial pest control services that protect our watershed, and provide a great value to my customers.


Maggie, and I train together several times a week, every week. We train every month with Andy Jimenez from Falco K9 Academy, and we train annually with David Latimer from FSI K9 Academy, and Pepe Peruyero from J&K Canine Academy. I believe Andy, David, and Pepe are the best trainers in the bed bug scent detection business, and training with them regularly allows me to provide my customers with the best results possible.

We are happy to serve the San Francisco Bay / San Jose Areas as bed bug and pest control experts. Please contact me if you have questions about Maggie, or the bed bug inspection or treatment process. It is our goal to give you the healthy, pest-free environment you deserve. We look forward to serving you!


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