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Ant season is coming!


Ant Season is quickly approaching

Watch the short video below to learn about how the weather may impact ant activity in your yard next week.

If you see any ant activity, make sure you call me right away at 408-389-4225 so that I can get out there and take care of it quickly, before the issue escalates into your pantry, your kitchen, and bathrooms.  If I dont attack them early, you’ll definitely be seeing them in your house once the outside temperature gets hot.

I’m offering a sweet discount to anyone who signs up for my annual pest next week, so contact me right away to get signed up and get your discount!


What does a residential pest service consist of?

Delta Pest Controls residential pest service provides our neighbors with year round pest protection, and the convenience of not having to think about, or worry about pests, or the bug guy.

The bugs are just gone…  And when you do see them, you just call me up, email me, or txt me to let me know what you’re seeing, and I come out to solve that problem, no extra charge!  That’s my pest guarantee!  If you see a covered pest, I come out and solve the problem – No hassle, no fuss, no extra fees.  If it isn’t a covered pest, I’ll still come out to trouble shoot the problem for you, and give you options for solving it.

You will receive 6 scheduled pest services throughout the year, plus my Pest Guarantee

and all you have to do is pay a small monthly fee (The cost of a few coffees every month at your favorite gourmet coffee store), and you dont even have to worry about doing that, because I’ll get you set up on auto-pay so you dont have to think about those pests, or the pest elimination process.  You just set it and forget it….

Of course, if you do want to think about the bug guy, because you have special scheduling needs, or you just want to call me up and say hi, I can accommodate that too.  I don’t normally answer to the “bug guy”, but a few of my customers kids have started referring to me as the “Spider Man”.   🙂

During each of your six scheduled services, I will conduct a complete pest inspection of the exterior of your home, looking for pest activity (both covered pests, and other pests), and the conditions that may encourage, cause, or aggravate a pest problem.  I will report to you what I’ve found, what I did to fix it, or provide you helpful information about what you can do to help reduce the changes a pest will make it into your home.  In addition to inspecting the outside of your home, I will remove spider webs when I see them, helping your home look better, and decreasing the chances spiders will return.  I will treat the outside of your home for the pest activity or conditions I find.  That most often turns ends up being spiders, outdoor cockroaches, snails/slugs, crickets, earwigs, etc.

If you need help with pests inside your home, you’ve got it!

All you have to do is reply to your service notification, email me, txt me, or call me before the date you are scheduled for service, , and let me know what pest activity you are seeing inside, and I’ll schedule some extra time to take care of that for you.  The reason I need the advance notice is to ensure I schedule enough time to take care of it, and also to make sure you have the information you’ll need to be prepared for an interior pest service.

I am committed to providing you exceptional service, while our environment, your family, and your pets.  I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to demonstrate that commitment to you.

To request a free pest assessment of your home in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area, or in the Morgan Hill and Gilroy area, please email me, or call me at 408-389-4225.

5 Steps to prevent rodent entry into your home

Problems with Roof Rats, Norway Rats, and mice can be prevented by excluding them from your home. Rodent exclusion services can save you THOUSANDS of dollars!
If you do not yet have a rodent problem inside your home, now is the time to take the following 5 steps to make sure you don’t end up with rodents in your home this winter!

#5 – Deny rodents access to food and water

I’m often asked how to deal with rodents in the yard/on the landscape.  The best way to affect the population of rodents in your yard and in your neighborhood is to limit their access to food and water.  The more food and water that is available to them, they will have more babies per litter, and will have more litters per year.  We can have a dramatic impact on their population by limiting sources of food and water, such as:

  • Food and water left out for pets, wildlife, and feral cats:  These resources are exploited by rats after dark, and should be removed from your yard before sunset.
  • Bird baths and potted plant saucers:  These are also used by mosquitos for breeding, and emptying them daily before sunset will not only help reduce the rodent population, but will also reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your home and neighborhood.
  • Ripe/fallen fruit:  Ripe fruit hanging on your fruit trees, and fruit that has fallen to the ground are a source of food and moisture for rats, and also for ants.  Removing these daily before sunset will help reduce the amount of rodents and ants in your yard.
  • Dog waste:  Believe it or not, when food sources start getting hard to find, undigested food in dog and cat waste becomes a resource rats will exploit.  Dog and cat feces should be removed daily before sunset.

Saucers under potted plants should be emptied daily before sunset


#4 – Manage the shrubs that are planted next to the home

Shrubs should be vase shaped, not bowl shaped.  You want to avoid shrubs that provide rodents places to hide near the walls of your home.  Shrubs that are open near the ground, and fill out higher up are what you’re looking for.  I’m on the look out for good photos to demonstrate this and will update this when I’ve taken them.

#3 – Keep trees trimmed 4 feet away from the house

Trees should be trimmed at least 4 feet off your roof to prevent rodents using them to gain access to your roof

Trees are exploited by rodents to gain access to the roof.   If they can, they will drop from a tree like the one in this picture and land on the roof.  If they have to, they can jump 4 feet from a branch to the roof.

While it’s true they can often access the roof without the trees, roof rats really like using the trees.   Why would we want to make it easy for them…  Just trim the trees!



#2 – Regularly inspect for and repair gaps/holes in the exterior walls/doors of your home

Gaps under doors, worn out garage door seals, vent screens that have worn out or have been cut to accommodate satellite cables and AC tubes are common entry points rodents will use to enter your home.  Repairing these will effectively “close the door” to rodent entry into your home.

Rats and mice often gain access to homes through gaps under the doors.

Garage door seals are a common culprit allowing gaps to form that rodents can use to enter our homes

Vent screens are often cut to accommodate cables and tubes for Air Conditioners and satellite dishes. These should be repaired.


#1 – Sign up for a reoccurring pest service

When I service your home, in addition to removing webs and treating for pest problems, I will inspect for these and other conditions that can cause pest problems and either fix them, or report them to you so you can decide how to proceed.  Contact me now to schedule your free home inspection.

Lawn Damage in San Jose

Are you experiencing lawn damage in San Jose?  You’re not alone!  It’s a big problem this time every year all over the Santa Clara Valley.  Wild Boar, Raccoons, Skunks, and Possums are digging up lawns all over San Jose in search of food.  Grubs growing in your grass can be the cause of this damage.  What is the solution?

— One solution I don’t recommend is you can cook them up and eat them yourself 😉  <—Just kidding!  Gross!!

—> A much better solution is to call me at 408-389-4225 and get my help!

If you woke up recently to see this kind of damage in your lawn, I can help!  Just call me at 408-389-4225, and I will come out and apply a product to your lawn that will kill the grubs.  Once the grubs are dead, the animals digging in it will lose interest and stop.

Lawn Damage in San JoseLawn Damage in San Jose








Then, once I’ve killed the grubs in your lawn and prevented the damage, I will return in the spring and apply a material that will prevent the problem from happening next summer.

So right now you’re probably asking yourself what the heck are grubs??  Grubs are the larva of several kinds of beetles, including the Japanese Beetle, The June Bug, etc.  In our area most of the grubs causing damage to your grass are probably from the Japanese Beetle.  These beetles lay eggs in your lawn, and when the egg hatches, a larva is the result.  These grubs feed on the roots of your grass, often causing ugly brown spots in your lawn.  Often, animals will be attracted to your lawn to feed on the grubs, which is how the damage in the above photos happens to your lawn at night.

If you have seen this kind of damage to your lawn in San Jose, or other bay area cities, call me at 408-389-4225 so we can talk about how I can help you.  I’m always really glad to help!

Changes are happening

I wanted to update my friends and customers of a few changes that are happening:

As of this afternoon, my bed bug dog Maggie no longer works for Clark Pest Control.  I am going to continue working for Clark Pest Control as a route technician, I will continue providing sales and customer service support for the customers who have come to rely on me.

I am also in the process of creating a pest control company that will provide pest services that Clark Pest Control does not – Canine Scent Detection and Canine Rat Abatement services that pest control companies around the bay area will be able to offer their customers.

It’s going to take me a couple of months to have the licensing squared away to be able to provide the canine services my customers have come to rely on, but very soon Maggie and I will be back with a second bed bug dog, and a team of rat dogs.

During this transition, and beyond it, you will still be able to obtain all of the other bed bug and general pest control services from me, through Clark Pest Control, that you’ve come to rely on.

While these changes are big, they are going to be great for us and for our customers.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Bed Bug Questions? I have answers for you!!

I got a call today from a very cool person who found my webpage through a google search and called me to ask some questions about bed bugs.  Even though she doesn’t live in my service area, so she isn’t a potential customer, I talked with her for almost an hour, answering all sorts of questions about bed bugs and bed bug treatments.

I’m telling you about this in order to invite you to reach out to me if you ever have any questions about bugs.  Bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents; it doesn’t matter what kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, I want to help you – even if all the help you need is some free information!   You can reach me by email and I will get right back to you.  Dont forget to include your phone number so I can call you to discuss your questions!


Protect yourself from Bed Bug related Lawsuits

If you own or manage rental homes, apartments, or hotels, attorneys around the country are actively recruiting plaintiffs to sue you.

Protect yourself from Bed Bug related Lawsuits

It is crucial that you Protect yourself from Bed Bug related Lawsuits

It is crucial that you learn to protect yourself from bed bug related lawsuits.  You can do this in a few easy steps:

  1.  Familiarize yourself with the requirements of AB551, which became law on 1/1/17.
  2.  Follow my advice for property managers – Develop bed bug protocols to be followed in the event of a report of bed bug activity, and FOLLOW THEM.
  3. Rely on an inspection based protocol, not a complaint based protocol.  Documentation of regular canine assisted bed bug inspections can help you answer the question, “was this problem forseeable.”   “Was there anything that should have been done to prevent, or to discover the problem.”  Your attorney will probably tell you that could turn out to be a very expensive question to leave unanswered.
  4. Establish a relationship with a pest control company that is experienced in dealing with tough bed bug problems, and make sure this company is identified as “to be called” in the event a customer reports suspected bed bug activity.  It’s important you do not try to resolve bed bug complaints on your own.  Your attorney will probably advise you to keep “arms length” from the inspections/treatment of the bed bug issue in order to limit your liability.   Leave it to the pros!

If you have any questions about bed bugs, or resolving bed bug problems, call or email me any time, day or night, 7 days per week.  I’m happy to help you, and committed to providing you exceptional service!

My bed bug sniffing dog Maggie and I can’t wait to help protect you and your clients from lawsuits or other claims that can easily be prevented.

Diseases Spread by Rats Can Kill You – San Jose/San Francisco Rat Control

Diseases Spread by Rats Can Kill You or Your Family Members

Diseases Spread by Rats Can Kill You, your family members, or your customers.

  • There are over 55 diseases that can make you seriously ill, or kill you that are spread by rats. and mice.
  • Rats in the ceiling can drop parasites and pathogens all over the rooms you inhabit below the ceiling.
  • Rats moving around the space you live in can contaminate your living space with pathogens and parasites.
Diseases Spread by Rats Can Kill You

Rat activity can spread or cause 55 diseases

Diseases Spread by Rats Can Kill Your Customers

  • This can result in liability when you are sued for wrongful death.
  • This can result in bad will in the community toward you or your business.
  • You dont want the problems this  property owner in news report below has.  One of his residents was killed last week by Leptospirosis spread by rats on his property located in the Bronx, NYC.


I Can Help Prevent Diseases Spread by Rats

Diseases Spread by Rats Can Kill You, your family members, or your customers, but you don’t have to allow that to happen – There are solutions!  Contact me to schedule an assessment of your property.  I can help remove the rats and provide advice/resources that can help you decontaminate the areas affected by them, protecting your health, the health of your family, and the liability of your business.

Whether you are dealing with a small infestation in your home, or a huge infestation on your farm or winery, I have the tools and resources available to resolve your problem quickly.  For details, contact me at 408-389-4225.  Call me so we can chat about what you are dealing with.  I am committed to providing you exceptional service!

AB 551 The New California Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties

There is a new  bed bug law in rental properties just took effect in January, AB551.  This brief article explains how it will effect rental property owners/managers.

New Requirements for Property Managers – Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties

  1.  Landlords cannot retaliate against a tenant for reporting bed bugs.  – This is not new, just clarified.
  2. Landlords cannot show and rent units that they are aware have bed bugs.  This is self explanatory, but property managers do this.Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties
  3. Landlords will be required to include specific bed bug language in the lease for new tenants beginning July 2017 and for existing tenants January 2018.
  4. Landlords are required to give notice before entering a unit to inspect or treat bed bugs.  Tenants are required to cooperate.
  5. Landlords are required to notify the tenants of the result of a bed bug inspection that was conducted by a pest control company.  This has to be done within two days of the landlord receiving the report.

What this really means for property managers – Bed Bug Law in Rental Properties

  • If you typically show/rent a unit that has a current bed bug infestation, stop doing that.  A new resident can now sue you for moving them into a unit that has bed bugs.
  • If you have served the resident with proper notice, and they still aren’t cooperating, make sure you document all the events/circumstances for use in an unlawful detainer action.
  • When you receive a copy of the inspection report from your Pest Control Company (hopefully that’s me and my report lol), email it to the resident, print out that email and put it in the residents file.  If the resident doesn’t have email, serve them to them and keep the proof of service in their file.  This way you are covered in the event they sue or counter sue you.

If you have any questions about the new law, or what I can to help protect you from claims from your residents, share them in the comments below, or reach out to me directly at jay@k9bugfinder.net.  I am always happy to help.

San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options

My dog Maggie and I provide bed bug inspections and treatments in San Francisco, on the peninsula, and throughout the silicon valley.  I’m writing this article to inform you of the San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options available, and to answer some commonly asked questions.

Bed Bug Treatment Option 1- Structural Fumigation

Of all the San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options, this one is My first choice for bed bug treatments.  It’s the only treatment I have that is 100% reliably effective.  Benefits:  100% reliably effective – when you return home, every single bed bug (all life stages) in your home will be dead.  Consequences:  There can be a bit of preparation required before the treatment, you’ll have to be out of your home for a few days (a good excuse for a get-away weekend), and there is no residual treatment effect, so if you bring bed bugs home again after the treatment, that could create problems again.  I can’t use a fumigation in every situation, so I have two other treatment options available when I can’t fumigate.  If your home is a single family residence that is not attached or connected to any other structure or fence, I can probably fumigate it.

Bed Bug Treatment Option 2 –  Volumetric Heat Treatment

Although not always 100% reliably effective, heat treatments are also very effective.  We heat up the temperate of your home to a temp that will kill bed bugs and hold that temperature for several hours.  This option is great for apartments, condos, and town homes.  There is less preparation required for this kind of treatment, but a bit of clean up afterward will probably be needed.

Bed Bug Treatment Option 3 – Localized Treatment

We apply chemical materials to your box spring, bed frame, and areas we expect bed bugs to travel through to reach their meal.  This kind of treatment requires multiple applications of the material, and you probably wont notice any effects of the treatment for 7-10 days, and there can be a lot of preparation necessary, but in cases where a fumigation or a heat treatment isn’t possible, a localized treatment can come in handy.

If you have any questions about San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options, give me a call at 408-389-4225 and we can discus them.  I hope I get a chance to talk with you!


San Jose Bed Bug Treatment Options

Structural Fumigation Targeting Bed Bugs


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