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4 Reasons You’re Attracting Cockroaches In The Summer Heat & What To Do

By: Anthony Cardillo

As human beings, we get giddy over the idea of the winter ending and the sun finally shinning again. Unfortunately for us, the insects (especially cockroaches) are even more excited for the heatwaves to strike.

Quite frankly, typing the word cockroach makes me head start to feel itchy. They are a creature nobody wants to encounter in their home.

So why are they infesting your living spaces?

Well, there could be a couple reasons.

1. Clutter

This applies to both the inside and outside of your home. A cluttered yard with old furniture, piles of grass clippings/leaves, old pots, etc. is an attractive sight to insects.

It’s necessary to clean up piles of garbage outside and store trash in barrels away from the house as a precaution.

More importantly, the inside of your home should have even less clutter. There are a lot of people that use basements and under cabinets as a place to stock and store lots of things. This can be dangerous when dealing with insects, specifically cockroaches.

They love to hide in piles of old paper or under worn out boxes in dark, congested, and damp areas.

The key is to create inhospitable environments for the roaches. They seek areas where they can find food, moisture, and shelter.

As a first step, focus on keeping these danger areas less congested.

2. Moisture

Another important factor when protecting against roaches is being aware of moisture. Moisture is like air for a cockroach. They see moisture as an invitation to set up camp and create a new home for themselves.

Water can even create an environment for cockroaches that serves as their food source for an extended period of time, allowing them to live long stretches without food.

Common examples of moisture for cockroaches include leaky pipes under sinks, broken gutters, and wet spots from everyday activities (wet towels, sponges, etc.).

Checking appliances and pipes on a regular basis can be beneficial in the long term to assure for no leaks or damages that may attract unwanted creatures.

3. Lack of Cleaning

Cleaning covers almost all aspects of roach prevention but needs to be mentioned separately.

Old food scraps, pet bowls, and crumbs are the types of messes that invite cockroaches into your home. You’ll notice an infestation pretty quickly by leaving food jars open and failing to clean up dropped scraps on the floors of the house.

Always, always, always empty your pet’s food bowls. This is one of the worst attractors of these creepy crawlers as it will cause bacteria to grow and smells to occur.

All food items need to be stored in sealed containers to eliminate exposure.

Other things to be mindful of are cleaning dishes after usage, cleaning under/behind appliances, cleaning cabinets, and mopping/sweeping floors on a regular basis. Going extended periods of time without doing these chores will put you at risk for cockroach infestation, especially in the heat.

4. Cracks or Openings Into home

Of course, if your house has any major cracks near windows or in other entry ways there will be an increased likelihood of an insect infiltration. This may require more technical help but a simple scan of the exterior of your house regularly should prove to be a helpful and diligent response to any risk.

Particular areas to keep an eye on are in the kitchen and bathroom. Sometimes problems can come in unexpected places like a crack in the tub that will cause a minor leak. This would be a major problem and increase the risk of cockroaches.

Water and food sources will be the most vulnerable areas in homes, so keeping a close eye on where these sources are stored will keep you safe.

I Found A Roach

So the preventative steps didn’t work and you’ve found yourself a cockroach invasion somewhere in the house. What should you do?

First, you should investigate. Find some gloves and a flashlight and start looking around to see how serious the problem may be. Start by looking under your sinks in the kitchen and bathroom and then take a look in cabinets and check the corners and deep spots in these areas.

In these areas, you are searching for signs of cockroaches. This can either be in actual bug form, feces, eggs, or other dirty remains. Other warning signs include black streak marks or a bad smell.

The black streak marks are a result of roach droppings being left behind.

The bad smell to be on the lookout for is a chemical-like smell that roaches have. This is a signature of theirs as it is known to be a way they signal to attract a mate. Yuck. The best way to describe it is an heavy oily smell, it would stand out to the normal human nose right away.

When you find the homes of the roaches throughout the house, it’s time to fight back. Throw on those gloves and start cleaning. Use strong soap and towels to clean up any spots you’ve found feces, eggs, or any trace of roaches and sanitize and dispose.

People are often tempted to try to manage the problem on their own, but applying pesticide products can be costly, can be risky if not done right, and is seldom effective when applied by untrained people. Spend the money once by having a pro manage the problem for you, instead of spending it twice by having a pro come in after you have already purchased pesticides and invested time and energy into the problem. Spending the money to have it done right by professionals is money well spent – and you’ll sleep better knowing it was done right.

In the California Bay Area you can check out Delta Pest Control. Jay Samples and his K9 partner, Maggie, have been finding and controlling bed bugs, rodents, and other pests since 2013. They can help with all forms of pest control including rodent exclusion/trapping, residential and commercial pest services, and wild animal control. Give Jay a call at (408) 389-4225 to learn more about the process or to schedule an appointment.

In the Southern California area of Palm Desert, Bug Guys Pest Control can help with all forms of pest control including rodent extermination, termite control, and animal trapping.

I am the fallen soldier…

I wanted to say something today about Memorial Day to honor our fallen service men and women, and the most appropriate way I thought I could do that is to quote a poem written by Jocko Willink.  I hope you enjoy it.  When you’re finished with it, please buy his book, Extreme Ownership.

I hope you all have a great memorial day weekend…  but while you are BBQing, and enjoying time with your family, please take time this weekend to remember the fallen soldier.



I am the fallen soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine.  Remember me.  I am the one that held the line.

Sometimes I volunteered. Sometimes I went because I was told to go.  But when the nation called – I answered.

In order to serve, I left behind the family, friends, and freedom that so many take for granted.

Over time, I used different weapons: a sword, a musket, a bayonet, a rifle, a machine gun.

Often, I marched into battle on foot – countless miles – across whole continents. I had little water and even less food. But it did not matter. We had a job to do.

Other times, I rode to battle on horseback or in wagons; sometimes on trains; later in tanks or Jeeps or Humvees.

In early wars, my ships were made of wood and powered by the wind.

Later they were made of steel and powered by diesel fuel or the atom.

I even took to the air and mastered the sky in planes, helicopters, and jets.

The machines of war evolved and changed with the times.

But remember that it was always me – the warrior – that had to fight our nation’s enemies.

I fought at Lexington and Concord as our nation was born.

I crossed the Delaware on Christmas day in 1776. Freedom was on our side.

I defended The Chattahoochee river in the War of 1812. I would stand again.

In the Civil War, I fought with my brothers – and against my brothers – at Gettysburg and Shiloh and Bull Run. I learned that we must never again divide.

In World War l, I marched on the Marne and held the line at Belleau Wood. The War to end all wars, they called it. I just called it hell.

In World War ll, I fought everywhere: from the beaches of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge, to the sands of Iwo Jima and the hell of Guadalcanal. I stood against tyranny and kept darkness from consuming the world.

In Korea I landed at Inchon and broke out of the Chosin Reservoir. They called it the forgotten war – but I never forgot.

In Vietnam, I went and I fought in the Mekong Delta and at Ia Drang and Khe Sanh and Hamburger hill. Some say my country waivered. But I did not waiver. Ever.

In the recent past I have fought in Grenada, Panama, Somalia, and other desperate places around the globe.

And finally I have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Baghdad, Fallujah, and Ramadi.

In Kunar, Helmand, and Kandahar.

As technology advanced, I used night vision goggles and global positioning systems and drones and lasers and thermal optics.

But it was still me, a human being, that did the work.

It was me that patrolled up the mountains or across the desert or though the streets.

It was me that suffered in the merciless heat and the bitter cold.

It was me that went out, night after night, to confront our nation’s enemies and confront evil face to face.

It was me.

Remember me. I was a warrior.

But also remember:

That I was not only a warrior.

I was not just a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine.

Remember also: that I was a son, a brother, a father.

I was a daughter, a sister, a mother.

I was a person – like you – a real person with hopes and dreams for the future.

I wanted to have children.

I wanted to watch my children grow up.

I wanted to see my son score a touchdown or shoot the winning basket.

I wanted to walk my daughter down the aisle.

I wanted to kiss my wife again.

I wanted to grow old with her – and be there to hold her hand when life grew hard.

When I told her I would be with her until the end – I meant it.

When I told my children I would always be there for them – I meant it.

But I gave all that away.

All of it.

On that distant battlefield, on some god-forsaken patch of dirt, amongst the fear and the fire and the bullets.

Or in the sky above enemy territory filled with flak.

Or on the unforgiving sea where we fought against the enemy and against the depths of the abyss.

There, in those awful places: I held the line.

I did not waiver and I did not hesitate.

I: The Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine.

I stood my ground and sacrificed my life – my future, my hopes, my dreams.

I sacrificed everything – for you.

This Memorial Day, remember me: the fallen warrior.

And remember me not for my sake – but for yours.

Remember what I sacrificed so you can truly appreciate the incredible treasures you have: Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.

You have the joys of life, the joys that I gave up, so that you can relish in them:

A cool wind in the air.

The gentle spring grass on your bare feet.

The warm summer sun on your face.

Family. Friends. And freedom.

Never forget where it all came from.

It came from sacrifice: The supreme sacrifice.

Don’t waste it. Don’t waste any of your time on this earth.

Live a life that honors the sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

Remember them always. And make every day… Memorial Day.


Another load of Garbage

I ran into a couple of guys from CHEER yesterday in Gilroy.  It was awesome to meet them.

Coastal Habitat Education and Environmental Restoration

In case you dont already know, CHEER stands for Coastal Habitat Education and Environmental Restoration.  They are a non-profit organization that does several things:


  • They clean up our local waterways – streams, rivers, sloughs, and res 


  • They stock local waterways with native fish, and work to improve our riparian habitats
  • They have built a traveling museum out of garbage they have cleaned up from streams and rivers, that they take to schools to educate our kids about the importance of keeping our watershed clean, and to show the kids what an awful state our watershed is in currently, in an attempt to encourage future adults to care more about our environment than we and our parents/grandparents have in the past.

What a great mission!  I passionately support these people and I can’t wait until I can financially support them.  I’m committed to becoming one of their financial sponsors as soon as I can.

Actively working to protect our watershed, and encouraging others to he


lp too is very important to me.  I’m addition to planning to financially support CHEER, I’m in the process of getting Delta Pest Control registered as one of the partners at Watershed Watch, and I plan to organize/host an annual creek clean up day to encourage friends and neighbors to join my family and spend a day cleaning up our local waterways and thinking about ways we can protect them from pollution.

If you are interested in how you can help protect our watershed, reach out to CHEER or visit WaterShed Watch.

It’s Snake Season Again

Snake removal is now available in Santa Clara County!  In the Bay Area, we are very lucky to have a variety of interesting snakes living among us, but it gets very interesting, and not quite so lucky when they end up in our homes.

Snakes in Santa Clara County

Here is some important information for you in the event you see a snake in your home or yard…

  • Most of the snakes in Santa Clara County are harmless to humans.
  • Dangerous rattlesnakes are easy to identify
  • You can call me at 408-389-4225 to have the snake safely removed from your home.


Rattlesnakes in Santa Clara County

The really good news is there is only one kind of snake in Santa Clara County that is dangerous to humans, The Northern Pacific Rattlesnake.  Although rattlesnakes can be easily identified by the shape of their head (it’s a spade shape, or sometimes described as triangular), if you’ve been bitten by any snake you should seek the advice of a doctor right away.  If it was a rattlesnake, you need to be headed to the nearest Emergency Room.

What to do if you see a snake in your home

If you encounter a snake in your home:

  • Give it plenty of space.  Stay away at least twice as much distance as the snake is long.  Ie: If the snake is 3 feet long, stay 6 feet away.
  • Call me right away 408-389-4225 to have it safely and humanely removed from your home.

If you encounter a snake in your yard:

  • Give it plenty of space.
  • If it’s non-poisonous, just let it be – It will probably move along on it’s own.
  • If it’s a rattlesnake, or if you just can’t allow it to remain in your yard until it moves on, call me at 408-389-4225 to have it safely and humanely removed.

If you dont know if the snake you are seeing is a rattlesnake or not, give me a call so we can talk about it.  Also, if you can safely get a clear photo of the snakes head, I can often ID a snake from a photo.  I can help, and I’m committed to providing you exceptional service!

For more information about snakes in the bay area, visit californiaherps.com or call me at 408-389-4225 so we can chat about snakes.

To learn more about our other pest control services, please visit our pest control services page, or call me at 408-389-4225 to chat about pest control.

Ant season is coming!


Ant Season is quickly approaching

Watch the short video below to learn about how the weather may impact ant activity in your yard next week.

If you see any ant activity, make sure you call me right away at 408-389-4225 so that I can get out there and take care of it quickly, before the issue escalates into your pantry, your kitchen, and bathrooms.  If I dont attack them early, you’ll definitely be seeing them in your house once the outside temperature gets hot.

I’m offering a sweet discount to anyone who signs up for my annual pest next week, so contact me right away to get signed up and get your discount!


What does a residential pest service consist of?

Delta Pest Controls residential pest service provides our neighbors with year round pest protection, and the convenience of not having to think about, or worry about pests, or the bug guy.

The bugs are just gone…  And when you do see them, you just call me up, email me, or txt me to let me know what you’re seeing, and I come out to solve that problem, no extra charge!  That’s my pest guarantee!  If you see a covered pest, I come out and solve the problem – No hassle, no fuss, no extra fees.  If it isn’t a covered pest, I’ll still come out to trouble shoot the problem for you, and give you options for solving it.

You will receive 6 scheduled pest services throughout the year, plus my Pest Guarantee

and all you have to do is pay a small monthly fee (The cost of a few coffees every month at your favorite gourmet coffee store), and you dont even have to worry about doing that, because I’ll get you set up on auto-pay so you dont have to think about those pests, or the pest elimination process.  You just set it and forget it….

Of course, if you do want to think about the bug guy, because you have special scheduling needs, or you just want to call me up and say hi, I can accommodate that too.  I don’t normally answer to the “bug guy”, but a few of my customers kids have started referring to me as the “Spider Man”.   🙂

During each of your six scheduled services, I will conduct a complete pest inspection of the exterior of your home, looking for pest activity (both covered pests, and other pests), and the conditions that may encourage, cause, or aggravate a pest problem.  I will report to you what I’ve found, what I did to fix it, or provide you helpful information about what you can do to help reduce the changes a pest will make it into your home.  In addition to inspecting the outside of your home, I will remove spider webs when I see them, helping your home look better, and decreasing the chances spiders will return.  I will treat the outside of your home for the pest activity or conditions I find.  That most often turns ends up being spiders, outdoor cockroaches, snails/slugs, crickets, earwigs, etc.

If you need help with pests inside your home, you’ve got it!

All you have to do is reply to your service notification, email me, txt me, or call me before the date you are scheduled for service, , and let me know what pest activity you are seeing inside, and I’ll schedule some extra time to take care of that for you.  The reason I need the advance notice is to ensure I schedule enough time to take care of it, and also to make sure you have the information you’ll need to be prepared for an interior pest service.

I am committed to providing you exceptional service, while our environment, your family, and your pets.  I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to demonstrate that commitment to you.

To request a free pest assessment of your home in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area, or in the Morgan Hill and Gilroy area, please email me, or call me at 408-389-4225.

5 Steps to prevent rodent entry into your home

Problems with Roof Rats, Norway Rats, and mice can be prevented by excluding them from your home. Rodent exclusion services can save you THOUSANDS of dollars!
If you do not yet have a rodent problem inside your home, now is the time to take the following 5 steps to make sure you don’t end up with rodents in your home this winter!

#5 – Deny rodents access to food and water

I’m often asked how to deal with rodents in the yard/on the landscape.  The best way to affect the population of rodents in your yard and in your neighborhood is to limit their access to food and water.  The more food and water that is available to them, they will have more babies per litter, and will have more litters per year.  We can have a dramatic impact on their population by limiting sources of food and water, such as:

  • Food and water left out for pets, wildlife, and feral cats:  These resources are exploited by rats after dark, and should be removed from your yard before sunset.
  • Bird baths and potted plant saucers:  These are also used by mosquitos for breeding, and emptying them daily before sunset will not only help reduce the rodent population, but will also reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your home and neighborhood.
  • Ripe/fallen fruit:  Ripe fruit hanging on your fruit trees, and fruit that has fallen to the ground are a source of food and moisture for rats, and also for ants.  Removing these daily before sunset will help reduce the amount of rodents and ants in your yard.
  • Dog waste:  Believe it or not, when food sources start getting hard to find, undigested food in dog and cat waste becomes a resource rats will exploit.  Dog and cat feces should be removed daily before sunset.

Saucers under potted plants should be emptied daily before sunset


#4 – Manage the shrubs that are planted next to the home

Shrubs should be vase shaped, not bowl shaped.  You want to avoid shrubs that provide rodents places to hide near the walls of your home.  Shrubs that are open near the ground, and fill out higher up are what you’re looking for.  I’m on the look out for good photos to demonstrate this and will update this when I’ve taken them.

#3 – Keep trees trimmed 4 feet away from the house

Trees should be trimmed at least 4 feet off your roof to prevent rodents using them to gain access to your roof

Trees are exploited by rodents to gain access to the roof.   If they can, they will drop from a tree like the one in this picture and land on the roof.  If they have to, they can jump 4 feet from a branch to the roof.

While it’s true they can often access the roof without the trees, roof rats really like using the trees.   Why would we want to make it easy for them…  Just trim the trees!



#2 – Regularly inspect for and repair gaps/holes in the exterior walls/doors of your home

Gaps under doors, worn out garage door seals, vent screens that have worn out or have been cut to accommodate satellite cables and AC tubes are common entry points rodents will use to enter your home.  Repairing these will effectively “close the door” to rodent entry into your home.

Rats and mice often gain access to homes through gaps under the doors.

Garage door seals are a common culprit allowing gaps to form that rodents can use to enter our homes

Vent screens are often cut to accommodate cables and tubes for Air Conditioners and satellite dishes. These should be repaired.


#1 – Sign up for a reoccurring pest service

When I service your home, in addition to removing webs and treating for pest problems, I will inspect for these and other conditions that can cause pest problems and either fix them, or report them to you so you can decide how to proceed.  Contact me now to schedule your free home inspection.

Lawn Damage in San Jose

Are you experiencing lawn damage in San Jose?  You’re not alone!  It’s a big problem this time every year all over the Santa Clara Valley.  Wild Boar, Raccoons, Skunks, and Possums are digging up lawns all over San Jose in search of food.  Grubs growing in your grass can be the cause of this damage.  What is the solution?

— One solution I don’t recommend is you can cook them up and eat them yourself 😉  <—Just kidding!  Gross!!

—> A much better solution is to call me at 408-389-4225 and get my help!

If you woke up recently to see this kind of damage in your lawn, I can help!  Just call me at 408-389-4225, and I will come out and apply a product to your lawn that will kill the grubs.  Once the grubs are dead, the animals digging in it will lose interest and stop.

Lawn Damage in San JoseLawn Damage in San Jose








Then, once I’ve killed the grubs in your lawn and prevented the damage, I will return in the spring and apply a material that will prevent the problem from happening next summer.

So right now you’re probably asking yourself what the heck are grubs??  Grubs are the larva of several kinds of beetles, including the Japanese Beetle, The June Bug, etc.  In our area most of the grubs causing damage to your grass are probably from the Japanese Beetle.  These beetles lay eggs in your lawn, and when the egg hatches, a larva is the result.  These grubs feed on the roots of your grass, often causing ugly brown spots in your lawn.  Often, animals will be attracted to your lawn to feed on the grubs, which is how the damage in the above photos happens to your lawn at night.

If you have seen this kind of damage to your lawn in San Jose, or other bay area cities, call me at 408-389-4225 so we can talk about how I can help you.  I’m always really glad to help!

Changes are happening

I wanted to update my friends and customers of a few changes that are happening:

As of this afternoon, my bed bug dog Maggie no longer works for Clark Pest Control.  I am going to continue working for Clark Pest Control as a route technician, I will continue providing sales and customer service support for the customers who have come to rely on me.

I am also in the process of creating a pest control company that will provide pest services that Clark Pest Control does not – Canine Scent Detection and Canine Rat Abatement services that pest control companies around the bay area will be able to offer their customers.

It’s going to take me a couple of months to have the licensing squared away to be able to provide the canine services my customers have come to rely on, but very soon Maggie and I will be back with a second bed bug dog, and a team of rat dogs.

During this transition, and beyond it, you will still be able to obtain all of the other bed bug and general pest control services from me, through Clark Pest Control, that you’ve come to rely on.

While these changes are big, they are going to be great for us and for our customers.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Bed Bug Questions? I have answers for you!!

I got a call today from a very cool person who found my webpage through a google search and called me to ask some questions about bed bugs.  Even though she doesn’t live in my service area, so she isn’t a potential customer, I talked with her for almost an hour, answering all sorts of questions about bed bugs and bed bug treatments.

I’m telling you about this in order to invite you to reach out to me if you ever have any questions about bugs.  Bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents; it doesn’t matter what kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, I want to help you – even if all the help you need is some free information!   You can reach me by email and I will get right back to you.  Dont forget to include your phone number so I can call you to discuss your questions!


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